13,600 Litre x 4 Compartment mild steel vessel
fitted to New Scania P320 chassis
Equipped with -
Alpeco TE550 Truck 3 top loading metering system

*Vehicle meets all type approval specifications*
TRUCK III and Checkmate control TRUCK III – Minimises the risk of cross contamination Since their launch at FPS 2014, Alpeco’s MF range of truck meter systems have undergone further development in order to accommodate some unique features aimed at minimising the risk of “on truck” cross contamination. Specifically designed for the UK’s fuel distribution market there are three delivery systems available, MF400, MF800 and MF1100 each of which incorporates a new design CHECKMATE control module with integrated TRUCK III electronic register. TRUCK III now features an intuitive software program aimed at minimising the risk of cross contamination as a result of incorrect grade or compartment selection during a delivery, on screen prompts give guidance to the operator as well as preventing the opening of a compartment containing a grade different to that selected for delivery, whilst the addition of a new “ACTICLEAR” feature ensures that the delivery manifold and pre meter pipe work is left empty at the end of every preset delivery, thus eliminating manifold “cocktails” and reducing the line change volume. A programmable load inventory records volumes delivered from and retained in each compartment and can be viewed on screen or printed on a ticket at any time, thus resolving the issues concerned with unknown quantities of product being left on board prior to re loading the tank.