13,500 Litre x 5 Compartment Aluminium Vessel
fitted to New DAF 260 chassis
Equipped with -
Emco Wheaton DataPlus MK 11 metering system
*Vehicle meets all type approval specifications*



DataPlus Metering System Intuitive Operation - large display with text prompts to guide the operator through the metering process Multi-Fuel Calibration - can be calibrated from the keyboard to meter for up to five fuels with different viscosities Simple Installation - The gas separator is integral to the manifold reducing both weight and installation time Modular Design - the system is modular, allowing for future upgrades: Data transfer module Compartment volume monitoring module Temperature compensation module GPS coordinates module Remote control module SPECIFICATIONS Automatically transfers delivery information including date, time, product, quantity and location coordinates directly to the fuel oil distributor via GPRS in real time. This can be used to: Validate that the correct delivery has been made in terms of quantity and GPS coordinates Generate a customer invoice Report activities creating an audit trail Compartment Volume Monitoring enables the system to show numerically and graphically the compartment contents Temperature Compensation applies a correction to compensate for the difference in the product volume due to product temperature fluctuations Long Range Hand Held Remote Control Unit, with digital volume display, stop/start control and adjustable auto stop feature is optional Two system options: Metered hose reel only Metered hose reel and bulk.